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8 celebrities χωρίς μακιγιάζ που είναι και πάλι πανέμορφες

candice without make up

Τελικά μήπως το 2020 θα είναι η χρονιά που θα αγαπήσουμε όλοι τον φυσικό, αρετουσάριστο εαυτό μας;

Χαζεύοντας στα Social Media παρατηρεί κανείς ολοένα και περισσότερες φυσικές και χωρίς make up selfies, με τους celebrities να επικροτούν και να επικεντρώνονται στην περιποίηση του δέρματος, και να μοιράζονται στιγμές με τους ακόλουθούς τους με εντελώς natural looks.

Επιλέξαμε 10 instaphotos από διάσημες περσόνες χωρίς make up και όπως θα διαπιστώσετε, είναι εξίσου πανέμορφες:


Bella Hadid


Cindy Crawford


Candice Swanepoel

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Trying to enjoy this time to rest and do things I never have time to do… but not feeling grounded enough to get my creative flow back…Uncertainty is not a good feeling but I do think the world needed to slow down and be forced to take a deep look within and open our eyes to the way we live as a society…I have been feeling like humanity has been out of control for a while, consumerism, social media, the more is more mentality, constant bombardment of information, people in general have lost the sense of what is truly important..this is why I have always escaped into nature, Voluntary social distance, It has always been my refuge and way to reset bad habits. I also can’t help but feel the pain of what so many people in the world have gone though and continue to go through in a much more extreme way than what we are experiencing now. Where starvation and health issues are normal. So just stop. Stop for a moment to feel gratitude and compassion and kindness. Feel the shift that is happening and let it transform you into a better version of yourself, so that we can be better collectively. Love To you all. C

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Gisele Bündchen



Caroline Murphy


Ηλιάνα Παπαγεωργίου


Μαρία Ηλιάκη


Bar Refaeli



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